What is graphic design?

Everything we wear, touch, read in traditional or interactive media, ride in, or live in has been created by a designer. Our newspapers, magazines and books; our activities on the internet; e-commerce, research, entertainment; our household appliances and automobiles; the packages that cover every object imaginable and entice us to buy; the graphic images, logotypes, and signs in stores and restaurants, as well as their identity, menus, and sometimes, even their names; the computers, cell phones, PDAs, and their interface screens, the amusement parks we take our children to; the famous cartoon characters we become attached to, and the licensed product we buy with their logos or images, the shapes of cosmetic jars, bottles, lipsticks, and the packaging; the gift wrap and cards for presents; the incalculable numbers of brochures, annual reports, and corporate literature—all have been developed or designed by graphic designers. —Roz Goldfarb